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Here's what I will explain in your free consultation...
  • Review your current situation and explain what your best solution to prevent foreclosure is..
  • Help determine if you are qualified for a loan modification or forbearance...
  • Explain how to Maximize Goverment and lender aid assistance
  • Help you understand your future financial position with your mortgage...
  • And a lot more...
  • The consultation is 100% free so you have nothing to lose unless you fail to ACT NOW

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Remember, in a situation like this time is NOT on your side.  The more time you have to stop the foreclosure the better your terms can be.  So contact me right now to find out what your available options are.

"Why are you able to offer this free consultation?" you may ask.  Simply because I am a local real estate Broker who specializes in negotiating with banks and helping homeowners like yourself avoid foreclosure.  

And if that's not the best solution, I will explain what is-and give you the resources to help you achieve it!

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